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Frequently asked questions about UK TV online

A little self help section for the shy!!

If you have any questions that are not answered here or anywhere else on our website regarding our services, please ask us via our chat / message system.

Will I be able to get UK TV Online?

Most people can, but to make sure, use our free test!

Will I be able to watch from [Insert Location Here!!]?

Yes indeed you can! We put no restrictions on location, you can watch from anywhere in the world at any time day or night!

Will it work on my [Insert Device Name Here]?

The best way to be certain is to, use our free test!

Is UKTV-24 free?

Without trying to beat about the bush, no, we are not free. Free websites have stolen streams, ads, skyware, malware etc, they are overused and unreliable and of rubbish quality. They will be here today and gone tomorrow and your search will never end. If you are serious about finding a reliable, safe and working service, you wont find it free. Your subscription to us pays for your streams, pays our bills and guarantees your service.

What make's UKTV-24 different from other free or paid services?

No other service provides live and 7 day catchup TV for so many channels all in one place. No other service shows the quality of streams we do. No other service has been running as long as we have. No other service provides a uniform system across all devices like we do. No other service has the customer support we do.

What channels and shows are available?

Please check our UK TV CHANNELS section for more information on this.

What is Catchup TV, how does it work?

Catchup TV is pre-recorded TV made available to watch at any time. Use this scenario, Eastenders was on at 8pm yesterday. You didnt watch it and you didn't record it. Worry not, we recorded it for you and you didnt even have to ask! Now, you select it from the TV Guide or search it by name and watch it when you like! We dont just record EastEnders of course! We record EVERYTHING! Catch up on all shows is available for 7 days!

How soon after a show has finished on Live TV is it available for Viewing?

About 5 mins. Sometimes sooner. As the shows are recorded on the same server they are viewed from, you dont have to wait for us to upload them... they are already there!

Do I have to install anything?

Nothing from us! You need a web browser tho! ;-)

How do I pay?

We use Paypal for online payments, its safe fast and secure. For those of you who for whatever reason, dont want a paypal account we can process payments over the phone. Simply contact us and we will call you back. (Minimal Telephone Order 3 Months Subscription)

How do I stop paying?

You simply stop paying! If your'e done using UK TV, just drop us a line and we will help you close your account.

How long does it take to begin watching?

It depends how quick you type!.

There is no setup, its all instant access. Register, Make Payment, Watch TV. Thats it!.

How many devices can I have at one time?

1 device at any 1 time. You can purchase separate accounts for separate devices if you wish.

If I have a problem, how do I resolve it?

Just let us know! Thats all you have to do!.

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