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Watching TV Online

  • September 21st, 2018
  • Dennis
Eastenders on UKTV-24.com

Watching TV online has clearly become the only way to watch TV! There are so many wonderful services out there like Netflix, BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, 4OD etc..

However they ALL have one common problem, access restrictions! Its always the same old story, all these great websites exist but you cant access them! What happened to the World Wide Web?

Personally, I think that the beauty of the internet is that it is an open world, free from location restriction, well, at least thats what it should be in an ideal world, but more often than not we are faced with messages telling us that the content has been "Restricted" in our area. Even Youtube restrict videos depending on your geographical location.

Recently, I made a promotional video about Watch British TV Online and sadly I had to change the entire audio, just because I had a 5 second snipit of a song. This didn't remove the video but it did cause a geographical restriction. Who wants to have to use a VPN every time they watch a video on Youtube or worse still, change the VPN depending on what you want to watch!!

Sadly for them and for the billions of users who put so much work into their Youtube Channel I think that eventually It will become so restricted, that another website will open that can provide Un-restricted access to the same content!

BBC iPlayer do it too! "We are sorry but this content is not available outside the UK". And if there is a website that will let you watch its content, they make you watch a billion adverts first!

Imagine a website that had no geographical restrictions, one that allowed access from anywhere. No blocked content messages, no adverts, no fuss! Oh wait... you are on it!!

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01 Jun 2016

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13 Jun 2016

Why am I getting error messages???


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