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The X Factor - 12th September 2015

As we face the music again this time 2015 we meet an assortment of contestants! We have selected a handful of these talented bodies to have a natter about! Do we have an opinion, no not as such but maybe you can give yours. Here is our lineup.

  • Saturday, 12th September 2015
  • Dennis
Davide Papasidero - XFactor 2015

Who is Davide Papasidero?

Davide Papasidero 25, is a vocal coach from Rome, Italy. he was born in Italy in 1990. Davide began singing at the age of 15 and he also writes original songs of his own. He actually resides in Rome with his family and he took part in Italy's X Factor back in 2011. He made it as far as the Live TV Shows. The Italian singing coach Davide Papasidero wore giant angel wings as he stepped out in front of the judges - having previously been a finalist contestant on the Italian edition of the show back in 2011. How do we think Davide is going to hold up on the UK TV X Factor? Well kiddos, im afraid we are just going to have to wait and see!

Rock & Rose - XFactor 2015

Who are Rock & Rose?

Kevin CarrickBecky Rose Joyce

Rock & Rose the duo, are made up of Kevin Carrick, 24, and Becky Rose Joyce, 24, from Dublin, Ireland. They came out extreemly shy and quiet, when asked by Simon Why are you here? Becky Rose replied nervously, "errhh we are ready...". When they began to play and sing Heaven by Emeli Sande, the judges were blown away!! They got 3 yes's and Simon finished telling them to smile more!! They stated to us we are the best of friends. Each of them live with their parents and Becky Rose is employed as a fitness instructor while Rockin Kevin works as a teacher of music. Prior to forming the duo Rock & Rose, they each had been in a number of bands around Ireland. They met each other at a well known studio in Dublin and from that moment formed the group. We are certain Ireland will be backing the duo but what about you? Rock & Rose to win?

Rumour Has It - XFactor 2015

Who are Rumour Has It?

Rumour Has It, 3 full time singers from Surrey is made up of Saffron Silva 17, Abby Eades 19 and Leah Gooden 17. We saw them last year as part of a five piece group called Soloists. Sadly for them last year, they were rejected by Louies Walsh when they made it to Judges Houses. After two of the girls left the group, Saffron, Abby and Leah decided to continue but as the new group Rumour Has It. They spent the last year getting their act together and getting to know eachother. The girls sang No Diggity by Black Street and walked away with a full house of 4 yes's. We are starting to see a pattern here are we not? Several of this years contestants are not X Factor virgins! Rumour Has It, the girls live together in Saffron’s family home in Surrey. (See what I did there!). Will we be seeing more of them? Certainly! Will they be coming back for a third year? Well that remains to be seen!

Charli Beard - XFactor 2015

Who is Charli Beard?

Charli, a 17 year old student from Hull, has a big dream to be a star and a recording artist. She lives at home with her parents and her twin sisters, who are her junior. She shares a love of old style music with her Grandfather with whom she listens to stars such as Aretha Franklin. She blew the audience away with her performance of Sam Cook's A Change Is Gonna Come. The judges got goosebumps when she began to sing. "You came on like a little kid but turned into a tiger" said Simon. Charli got 3 yes's from the judges before her parents and twin sisters rushed to the stage to hug her. This little girl has soul there is no doubt. Being actually not old enough to even grow a beard (if she could), is this teen ready and able for stardom? We cant wait to find out!

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22 Sep 2015

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22 Sep 2015

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Rose is SMEXY!!!

22 Sep 2015

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