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BBC Three Goes Off Air

  • September 23rd, 2018
  • Dennis
BBC Three Closes

From Midnight 16th Feb 2016 BBC Three will play its last show on Digital TV
Moving the 12-year-old, youth-oriented channel online will save the corporation about £30m a year, with some of those savings redirected into its drama budget for BBC1. The content budget for the new online-only service will be £30m, a 50% cut from the current level, about £6m of which will be spent on short-form content.

The BBC3 TV channel will stop showing programmes at the end of January, but will continue to run as a “barker” – “a promotional transitional channel” – until it is fully switched off at the end of February.

BBC4 will still be available past the 16th but is planned to also be moved to BBC Online by the end of the month

So what does that mean for us? Well honestly, we dont know. Maybe leave your comments here and let us know what you want. If we can restore these channels for you we will but as we use digital TV broacasts as our source media there will have to be a re-think.

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16 Feb 2016

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We will do what we can to maintain BBC Three and BBC Four but for now it seems they will have to be removed from our line-up.


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