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UK TV Catchup 60 Days!!

  • September 23rd, 2018
  • Dennis
60 Day UK TV Catch Up

Starting today 5th November 2016, UKTV-24 will keep certain shows for 60 days after scheduled time! 60 Day Catch-up!!!! This is a huge and ground breaking improvement!

Why is this such an important change? The answer is that over the last 3-4 years we have noticed that our members depend more on On demand TV than live TV. The thought of tonnes of live TV channels is nice however we must remember what we are doing here at UKTV! We provide UK TV to people who want to watch OUTSIDE of the UK and therefore Live TV is not always the solution!

So how will this work?

For starters, it will take the first 60 days to fully work, however we will manually add some shows that have already been archived in our tests over the last 60 days. The criteria for a show to get the 60 day stamp is that it must be watched by at least one person during its normal 7 day period. This means that outside of the normal 7 day line up not every show will have the 60 day stamp however it should ensure that the shows people watch will be saved!

As for finding these historic UK TV shows, we will not be going back further than the normal 7 days with the TV guide. These shows with the 60 day stamp will be found by searching by name or will be reccomended to you below another episode of the same or similar show.

An example?

ITV Drama Tutankhamun Online
Lets take for example the ITV Drama Tutankhamun. At the time of this post there have been 3 episodes on TV, one episode shown each week. Normally, we would only have kept each episode for 7 days resulting in only one episode being available at any one time.
With this new change, all 3 episodes that have been on TV will still available for you to watch for 60 days after they were first on TV!

We really hope that you like this improvement and we look forward to hearing your feedback. Please leave a comment below and share your thoughts or send us a message via the chat at the bottom of this page or a simple email!
All the best.

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05 Nov 2016

Votes: 98

We really hope this is something that you guys LOVE Lets us know your thoughts!

05 Nov 2016

This is what sets you guys apart! Thank you for this . We have on occasion missed a show when we return to the UK to visit family and now thanks to this we will never again. My family and I thank you all the way from the USA!

06 Nov 2016

Votes: 1

Hello UKTV-24 (Dennis). Wow - amazing, you already provide an outstanding service which allows us to watch UK TV outside of the U.K. And now you are offering even more. We have lived in Austria for 12 years and during that time have spent a considerable amount of money on trying to watch UK TV through numerous outlets unsuccessfully but ever since and we discovered and subscribed to your organisation we have never had it so good. I constantly recommend your service to other Ex-pats - long may you continue. Well done, absolutely value for money. John & Janet


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