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UKTV-24.com Reviews

At UKTV-24.com we aim to provide 100% customer satisfaction and we and our customers are happy that we are meeting that target! Here are just a handfull of comments our customers have. We keep this page honest and updated and select one review a month at random.
If you want to add your review please simply reply to your welcome email. Keep the review short and sweet, include your name, how you would like it to be displayed and give us a mark out of 5 stars! (half stars are allowed eg: 4.5).
If you give less than 5 stars, try to explain why in your review.
Reviews don't have to be positive, but they have to be constructive. We won't prune bad reviews but we will prune ones that contain insults, or any form of intolerance.

Offical Reviews:

Brits in California - Expat Service - California, USA

There is no system like it. A must for the British Expat

Spanish Living - Expat Service - Spain

Passport - CHECK!
Wallet - CHECK!

Customer Reviews:

Mrs H Burton - Spain

We had been using VPN before we found UK TV 24 but we constantly had to change provider as we were getting blocked, always looking for a new service. Since we have had UKTV-24 we have forgotten about getting TV and just enjoyed it!

Mr T Lyon - Canada

What a fantastic company, helpful, friendly, professional, a pleasure to deal with. We had a 'TV Box' installed last year and it works a treat... Cannot recommend UKTV-24 highly enough. Thanks guys.

Samantha Walker - Florida, USA

I dont watch a huge ammount of TV to be honest with work, I have very little free time to which I guess is why UKTV-24 suits me. Its quick for me to get on and catch up with my soaps and get back to real life!! I dont have to sit through ads or put up with any other rubbish! I would like to see live TV but at my times its catch up that suits best.

Sarah Wilkinson - Germany

I really do love being able to watch UK TV on my iPad thanks for that. There are so many shows to watch which is wonderful but I would love to watch a few more channels

Joe Hill - West Meath, Ireland

We can't have Sky as our building is listed and can't have the dish. Not that we want to pay those insane prices anyway!! So we said we'll give UK TV a go. Smashing service, what Ron and Dennis dont know is not worth knowing. Drop in the bar for a pint boys if you are ever our way.

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